Woke up unhappy? Shift Out of Morning Grumpiness with these Techniques.

The alarm clock buzzes and you feel the sun hitting your face.

You stretch out your body and start to wake up to the new day ahead.

What are your first thoughts? Are you excited to be going into this new day or are you feeling down and heavy about what lies ahead in your life and your day?

Welcome to what I call “morning grumpiness.” It’s definitely a thing!

You probably think to yourself “Why in the hell do I feel like this? Overall my life isn’t SO terrible. However; if I want my life to get better I need to make sure I wake up happy and thankful. Oh no!!! What do I do?”

No worries!!! It’s okay if you don’t wake up with instant happiness. This won’t prevent you from creating the happy life you crave and it doesn’t have to last more than a few minutes.

Truthfully, I wake up feeling grumpy more than I want to admit. Feeling unhappy first thing in the morning is just a sign that there are still some things that need to be worked on internally. It’s feedback that you are still growing, shifting and changing as a person.

There are things you can do to shift yourself out of this grumpy state. Here are several different ways to shift your mind from grumpy to happy:

  1. Journal (My favorite tool)

Break out that journal and ask yourself: “What things are hanging out in my mind causing me to feel unhappy right now?” Did something happen yesterday? Maybe an unpleasant conversation, maybe you broke your diet, maybe a bill was due and you couldn’t pay it. What happened prior to waking up this morning that is still in your brain? Another question to ask yourself: “Is there anything I need to do or face today that I don’t want to?” Just knowing something unpleasant is looming is cause enough to wake up feeling less than happy. Sit down for 10 minutes and just write whatever answers pop up. No judgements. Just write. Once you get this out of your mind you may notice that you feel lighter and less down.

  1. Give yourself time and space to feel grumpy

Don’t push the feeling down. Don’t shame yourself for feeling this way. Don’t pressure yourself to perk up. When you do these things you just push that feeling away and it is definitely going to resurface later – probably with more force. When I wake up feeling this way I get up and make my bed. While I make my bed, a task I don’t like anyway, I allow myself to feel the full range of grumpy feelings. I do give myself a cut off time. No need to wallow all day – just long enough to allow your feelings to rise and pass through you. Release the grump.

  1. Gratitude

Ask yourself: “What are some things I am thankful for right now?” (This is a great item to write down in your journal as well.) Think of a few people or things that you are thankful for. It can be as simple as the sun is out and shining today or I am alive. There is always something to be thankful for. This will help shift your perspective to one of gratitude and positivity. When you start to find things to be thankful for then you naturally start to feel happier.

  1. Exercise

Going for a run or doing something physical first thing in the morning is a great way to burn off any tension in your body. You release endorphins when you run and that is an instant happy boost. Also, it is better to do this without any distractions of music. Be present with the thoughts that are in your head. Don’t tune them out. This allows you to process so much more clearly. You don’t want to distract yourself from what you are feeling. Bonus tip: Get outside in nature when you exercise if the weather permits!!

Have a great day!

Christina is a Binge Eating & Happiness coach for women who want to conquer binge eating for good so they can create sustainable weight loss & finally have the freedom to pursue the life they know they deserve. She teaches people how to create happy and healthy lives. Connect with her on Facebook.

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