Is Your Spiritual Practice Results Driven?

I don’t know anyone who began a spiritual journey because there was no discontent in their life. Discomfort is a perfect catalyst to allow us to acknowledge and know something bigger within and around us. I began my journey because I was really angry. I was so angry that at work I wasn’t allowed to talk with clients on the phone because no matter what I said it caused a conflict. The funny thing is that I knew that there was something bigger inside of me, I just didn’t know how to access it. I also thought that improving my manifestation process would improve my life. I was both right and wrong.

One of the big trends in spirituality is manifestation. How much importance do you place on using your spiritual practice to receive? Guess what? You are receiving all the time. You are successful all the time. These “successes” might not be what you truly desire so they feel shallow. They send you off to find the next thing you hope will make you feel whole, worthy or whatever you believe achieving that goal will “do” for you.

If we are motivated only to receive, we are placing our conditions before connection. This may prevent us from achieving our heart’s desire.

Our true heart’s desire is a relationship with our Soul and the Divine that is bigger than our external world. Some of us desire a deeper connection while others desire to feel free all the time. When you understand your greatest desire, it will allow you to shift from a results-driven practice to a powerful connection with the unlimited, which affects every part of your life.

Understanding Your Greatest Desire

Your greatest desire is within you – you may have just forgotten how to access it. Feeling connected and having spiritual practices allows you to understand that desire in a profound way. Putting words to your greatest desire brings it into consciousness so you can choose to experience it on a daily basis.

How do you understand your greatest desire? I suggest clients connect with their Soul and ask a question: “What do you wish to embody here on this planet?” What did you feel, hear or sense? Love, trust, freedom, peace? This is your greatest desire. So, ask yourself who would you be and what would you do if you knew this greatest desire was already met.

Moving from Results to Connection

When we move from a results-driven spiritual practice to connection-driven, we choose to place our conditions last on the agenda. This allows us to embody a greater sense of peace and safety. The results will appear and they will feel like an amazing bonus! When we create spiritual practices that are not conditional but are dependent on a true connection with our higher power – those practices become a place of renewal, regeneration and rejuvenation.

The first step I suggest to clients is if there is asking, demanding or begging happening in any of your spiritual practices, you might replace those with something that brings you joy. Dancing, singing, writing or being in nature. This will allow you to form a deeper connection with yourself and your higher power, and places you in the flow of creativity and empowerment.

The second step I suggest is to anchor from a foundation of “enoughness.” For example, start each practice with the mantra: “I am willing and able to declare that I am enough, that the Divine is enough and so this practice is filled with the energy of infinite possibility.”

Stop Seeking and Start Finding

Every time you look outside yourself you will feel disconnected and broken. You are not broken, you never were. When we stop seeking wholeness and completeness, we find it. That knowing is already within us and it is just a matter of connecting with or activating it.

Whenever I feel separate I ask my “knowing” to activate that I am whole and complete. I tune in, connect and say: “Divine Intelligence fill me with the feeling and knowing that I am whole and complete.” I sometimes have to repeat it several times until there is a shift within me. My spiritual practice is about connecting to my essential nature. From that place, I know that my thoughts are being turned toward what I truly desire.

This is a material world and we cannot discount that. Yet when we embody our greatest desire we work with the fabric of the Universe to create from a place of enoughness and goodness. That is what will be reflected back to us.

Jennifer Urezzio is the founder of Soul Language and a master intuitive who uses her divine gifts to help raise consciousness. Soul Language is a paradigm to put tangibility to Soul. Jennifer is the author of two books: Soul Language: Consciously Connecting To Your Soul for Success and A Little Book of Prayers (both available on Amazon). You can learn more about Jennifer and Soul Language here.

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