Self Love starts with Self Kindness

Self-love is important but it can often seem like a far off destination. After all, if you’re used to walking around and listening to your inner critic like it’s speaking the truth, self-love can seem almost impossible.

Instead of trying to dive straight into self-love, start with self-kindness.

Maybe you don’t know how to fall in love with yourself. It’s totally OK! Very few life-long relationships start with love at first sight. They often start with kindness, and from there, love develops.

Your relationship with yourself develops the same way. When you start being kind to yourself you slowly start to fall in love with yourself. Self-kindness gestures can be as simple as taking yourself for a walk, listening to your favorite music or going to bed a little bit earlier. They can be as grand as speaking up for yourself, setting boundaries or finding a new job. Start wherever it’s comfortable for you – there’s no self-kindness gesture that’s too small.

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Over time, you’ll start to fall in love with yourself. Like any other relationship, the feeling will develop slowly. You may notice that your choices are in your own best interest, what you accept from others in your life has shifted and you’ve started to realize that the inner critic voice isn’t the truth. Start practicing self-kindness today and set a reminder to check in with yourself in a few months so you see just how far you’ve come!

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