10 Habits of Highly Successful Women

You’re the kind of woman who doesn’t settle for anything less than perfection. That means that no matter where anyone puts you, you’re going to rise to the top like cream. Still, you know that success is not just about getting the work done on time and getting it done well.

Maybe it’s about leadership, about being the it-girl around the office or the one person in the office who has an infallible sense of right and wrong. One thing you know: women who make it have character in spades. They have that extra something that is difficult to define.

Whatever that extra something is, you want it. You’re hungry for it. That’s a good thing because it means you’ll do anything to get there. Which means of course, that you will actually get there – in good time.

But let’s rewind to the part that said: You’ll do anything to get there. That’s important because women who succeed have in common certain habits that get them to the pinnacle. By studying and emulating those habits, you’re positioning yourself to get ahead. So, pick a habit, any habit, and get yourself moving in that upward trajectory!

Take Care of Yourself

  1. Keep it Neat: An orderly desk means an orderly mind and an orderly mind means a mind that works smoothly without fits and starts. If your workstation is neat, you’ll be free to think and produce which is just what you need to succeed
  2. Stay Fit: Exercise is important because it increases blood flow to the brain where you do all that wonderful thinking. Also, exercise brings on endorphins that make you feel great, like you can do anything. If you think you can, you actually can!
  3. Eat Right: Your working woman brain needs fuel to do its best and brightest work. So, make sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need for best brain health. You want complex carbs in the form of whole grains to give your brain a steady supply of energy over the long workday. You need fresh fruits and vegetables as well as fish. A clean diet will ensure you produce stellar work, a cut above the rest.

Crisp White Linen Gives You That Aura

  1. Dress Sharp: When you’re dressed like a million bucks, you look like success. People treat you differently when you’re wearing crisp white linen and pumps so shiny you can bend down to see if you’ve got lipstick on your teeth. The main thing about dressing nice however, is that when you dress like a million bucks, you feel like a million bucks. You stand straighter and you feel good. That means you not only do your best work, but you give off that aura of success.
  2. Ban Social Media: Turn off Facebook, at least during your work day. There’s no way you can get anything done with that distraction pulling you in and sucking you away from your work. So just take a deep breath and shut it down. All those cat memes will still be there when you’re done for the day. But in the office you’ve got to be present and accounted for, you’ve got to be in the now.
  3. Do More: Successful women are willing to put in extra hours to get the work done. That is the bottom line. Work comes first because work is what gets you all that other stuff you prize, like a nice house, great spouse and all the fun stuff you like to own and do. You’re not counting the minutes until closing time. You’re there because you love your work and you make things happen at your desk!

Beam That Smile Around the Office

  1. Bestow that Glorious Smile: Cultivate a great smile and use it with your co-workers. You want the kind of smile that makes people feel better when they see you. Your smile is one that shows you care. It’s a smile that says: “All’s right with the world.”
  2. Volunteer for Tasks: Always be the first to say you’ll do the job no one else wants to do. Your boss wants to know he or she can count on you. Once you’ve earned that trust, big things are coming your way, guaranteed.
  3. Do Them a Favor: You know how your co-worker likes her coffee so when you buy yourself a cup, get one for her, too. Don’t let her repay you. Always be thinking about what nice thing you can do for the people who work with you. That shows leadership qualities and there’s no doubt your boss will notice.

Look To Do More

  1. Never Stand Still: Successful people don’t rest on their laurels but are always looking for what they can do to improve. Becoming complacent, or thinking you’ve made it is the best way to insure failure. Regularly question yourself: “What can I do to improve my performance to bring more to the table?”

The main thing is to think like the winner you know you can be. Don’t ever let anything divert your attention from the task, beginning right now. Because once you’re in success mode, it’s only natural that success will follow. Just ask any winning woman you know!

What do you do that sets you apart from the mediocre and shows your boss “You go, Girl?”

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