The basics of self-care

It’s time to go back to basics with your self-care. Maybe you’ve been feeling lost in a sea of internet memes telling you to take care of yourself, but you’re not sure what that means. Are you supposed to sleep in or get up early and meditate? Maybe you’re supposed to call a friend, but then again, maybe you’re supposed to have quiet time. It’s confusing. For as important as self-care is, it’s just as easy to get caught up in thinking it’s all about massages and manicures (both of which I love, by the way!).

Foundational self-care is about getting crystal clear on what you need. Self-care builds resilience and it’s what helps you handle the times when you get knocked down by life.

Using the familiar Who, What, When, Where, How formula, you can find powerful answers and get back to basics with your own self-care:

These questions will help you get clear on what your foundational self-care looks like and where you need to get back to basics. What place(s) in the 6 areas above feel lacking? Maybe your Who is fulfilled with a great inner circle of friends but your Why is feeling off. Maybe your Where has a solid perspective but your What is really lacking.

Check out your 6 areas, and let me know where your self-care is rocking out and where it needs a little love and attention.

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