How to feel free

There’s a kind of freedom that allows you to laugh with reckless abandon and feel love in every cell in your body. It’s big and expansive and real, and it feels very different than the muted experience that is so familiar to many of us. You know the one, where every minute is perfectly scheduled and every box is checked from the house to the car to the job. The one where you’re always smiling and telling people everything’s fine.

I know that muted experience well, and I know how easy it is to think “that’s just life.” You can brush it off and tell yourself that everybody’s doing it, so it must be OK.

What if you pause for a moment? What thoughts and feelings do you notice? How does it feel to stop? What happens in your body? Take a deep breath and really tune into that body of yours.

That perfectly scheduled life has a way of keeping your body constricted and your feelings pushed away. Maybe your shoulders are tense or your neck aches or your posture is continuously hunched over. Maybe you noticed some joy or sadness pop up.

Now take a moment and check in with your body again. Take a deep breath and invite in some freedom. Try straightening up your posture and rolling your neck a bit. What happens to your thoughts and feelings when you invite freedom into your body?

When you take a moment here and there to pause and to step out of that perfectly scheduled life, you’re inviting in freedom. When you make this a consistent practice and find many moments to pause, you start to realize how much of life you weren’t experiencing. Invite that in, too. Start to make your own practice of freedom. Side effects of this practice may include the renewed ability to laugh with reckless abandon and feel love in every cell of your body.

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