You’re too important

You’re too important to let anyone else be responsible for your life.

You’re too important to measure your value by what you cross off a to do list.

You’re too important to not take care of yourself.

I used to believe that if I wasn’t hard on myself, nothing would ever change.  Didn’t get to the gym?  Better remind yourself that you’re lazy so you get there tomorrow.  Didn’t nail the presentation at work?  Better stay later to make up for it.  Didn’t get the laundry done?  Better berate yourself for being a terrible housekeeper so you stay up all night doing it.

I never questioned these thoughts.  Somehow, I just fell into the habit of being hard on myself.  After all, everyone else seemed to be doing the same thing, so that must be the way to get things done, right?

Wrong.  Taking responsibility for my life taught me the opposite is true.  Being hard on myself was actually a setup for failure, not success.  That when I am kind to myself, I can actually make changes, and make them stick.  That when I listen to what I need, I’m much happier than when I have a long list of crossed off tasks.

I’m teaming up with my sweet friend and colleague, Dr. Jessica Michaelson and we’re teaching you how to do the same.

If you’re ready to learn a better way and to finally make the changes you want permanent, join us on Wednesday the 11th at Noon Eastern, 9 AM Pacific.  Register HERE to join live or get the replay.

You’re too important not to.

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