FREE Printable Love Coupons!

Last Valentine’s Day, I was greeted by 2 wonderful cards from my husband…who I promptly left standing in the living room so I could run and buy him cards!  Yes, I was that wife, and we genuinely belly laughed about it, but I didn’t feel that was my finest moment!

For any of you still looking for a sweet, personalized, unique gift (oh, and also a FREE gift that doesn’t even require leaving the house), our friends at FTD have created a gorgeous printable Love Coupon book for your sweetheart. The printable love coupon book includes 30+ coupons of date ideas, relaxing nights in, and fill-in-the-blank cards.

love coupons2

So, if you want to gift your special someone over a month of sweetness (and avoid the greeting card aisle tomorrow), check out these fabulous Love Coupons.

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