How to Create Space to Help Those 2016 Goals You Set Actually Come to Life

It’s been about a week now since the New Year’s resolutions were made. Maybe a little longer since you set those business goals for 2016.

And since then the kids have gone back to school, vacationing clients are back on the schedule and life is back to its normal hectic-ness.

So now what’s the plan for helping those resolutions, goals and whatever other Big Ideas you have for 2016 actually come to life?

When we have a lot going on it can become really easy to sideline even those projects most important to us. This year, instead of watching those resolutions and goals fizzle out before January is over, consider creating some (pretty darn near sacred) space for you to check in, work on them and give them space to grow!

A few ideas to try are:

Setting aside one day a month with no clients, blogging or other commitments. Use this day to focus on the bigger picture stuff.

Consider carving out every other Saturday morning for laptop time in a cozy café – a set, scheduled time just for focusing on what matters most to you in your business.

Maybe you’re more social and thrive when collaborating with a group. What about reaching out to a handful of peers you’ve gotten to know here on KOM or in Facebook groups and form a monthly mastermind to check in with each other on your bigger picture ideas?

This year, how will you create space for your goals and Big Ideas?  Share with us below!

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