Fantastic (and Affordable) DIY Projects For the Kitchen

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Many homeowners are daunted by the prospect of doing their own kitchen renovations, but there are a surprising number of projects one person or two can do by themselves. One of them is installing cabinets with sliding doors. The homeowner can build these him or herself or have them built by a carpenter. Sliding door cabinets are an unusual and arresting touch in a kitchen, and even sliding door hardware is interesting. Like other types of hardware, pulls can come in an array of materials, including metals that can be oiled, matte or highly polished. Track mounting can be placed before the doors, recessed or on the surface of cabinet interiors.

Another DIY project for the kitchen is installing tile counter-tops. Tile comes in so many colors, patterns and textures that adding it to an otherwise drab counter-top is practically irresistible. The one thing the homeowner should make sure of is that the subsurface is sturdy and waterproof and that the tiles are made for counter-tops or floors. Wall tiles are too fragile for the hard use a counter-top is put through. The project takes about two days, but at least one day needs to be set aside for the mortar to harden and for grout to cure.

Adding decoration to the walls can go a long way to accomplishing a filled out look in your kitchen Hanging pictures, or fleece fabric patterns are both good solutions here. Don’t feel like Any particular color scheme is the norm. Branch out, explore, and figure our which visual elements and colors speak to you.

Installing a new kitchen faucet is a relatively quick and easy DIY project, especially if the sink is being replaced at the same time. Fortunately, faucet replacement is easier than it was in the past, as manufacturers often sell entire replacement kits and easy plumbing connections. Another easy DIY task is the installation of a hot water dispenser. These not only provide near boiling hot water, but are aesthetically pleasing and complement the overall look of the sink.

While the DIYer considers installing a hot water dispenser, he or she might also wish to install an ice-maker. The DIYer needs to have some knowledge of basic plumbing, but once the DIYer has this, the task is also fairly easy. It requires running and draining a water line, installing a valve and mounting a solenoid. After this, the water supply line can be attached, and the factory fill tube and ice maker can be installed. When that’s done, the unit can be mounted to the wall of the freezer.

Replacing a sink is obviously more involved than replacing a faucet and will probably require two people simply because of the weight of the sink. If a new counter-top is being installed, it will need to be cut to accommodate the sink. The DIYer will also need to be familiar with the sink’s plumbing. A self-rimming sink is the easiest sink to install, but an under-mounted sink allows for an easier clean-up. Stainless steel sinks should be at least 16 or 18 gauge and should have an insulated underside to dampen the noise. The best choice is an cast-iron sink. Though heavy, it deadens noise and is long lasting. A cast iron sink can also be enameled.

If the kitchen’s lighting is uninspiring, a DIYer can also install new and better lighting. This might be as simple as installing a dimmer switch. Task lights can be placed beneath over-sink cabinets and even inside cabinets and drawers. More complicated projects may involve installing a pendant light or chandelier or recessed or track lighting. However, the DIYer needs to have at least a rudimentary knowledge of his home’s electrical system and make sure that the power is off before the project begins. The power needs to be shut off at the service panel, then a voltage tester should be used to make sure that the power is all the way off.

Happy DIYing!

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