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Post by Amanda Walters for the Kind Kindred series.

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As the sun sets on October 31st and the skeletons shiver in their graves, why not dust off one of your favourite Morph Costumes, bust some moves to the smash hit Monster Mash and ward off evil spirits with a spooky Halloween lantern? The flickering light will not only create an eerie effect but will banish the ghouls and keep the trick-or-treaters away, so check out some of these ideas.

Petrifying pumpkin

What would Halloween be without a petrifying pumpkin? We’ve all seen them grinning outside porches and lawns, but why not try something other than a traditional creepy face? There are plenty of designs you could have a pop at from wicked witches, to terrifying toads and creepy cats, so let your imagination run wild and come up with something creative. Here’s how to get started.

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Step one:
Choose a nicely rounded pumpkin with a flat base, as this will sit nicely without toppling over and hold a candle straight inside.

Step two:
Draw a circle around the stem and cut out the lid using a sharp knife. Make sure the hole is big enough to scrape out the middle with ease.

Step three:
Remove all the pulp and stringy stuff from inside the pumpkin using a spoon before washing it thoroughly and drying it off with a kitchen towel.

Step four:
Either get a readymade template and stick it onto your pumpkin using masking tape or draw your design directly onto the pumpkin with permanent marker.

Step five:
Use a thin screw driver to poke small holes around your design keeping them as close together as possible. Once this has been done, cut around the pattern with a sharp carving knife and “neaten” as appropriate.

Step six:
Decorate further using pipe cleaners, glitter, bandages or anything else you think works well before popping a tea light inside for that novelty glow.

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Jaw-dropping jars

Fancy doing something a bit different? Then these jaw-dropping jars could be right up your street. They’re great fun to make and are the perfect way to recycle old glass jars that you’ve been storing away for a rainy day. Here’s how to whip up your own masterpiece.

Step one:
Wash and clean the jar before wiping it dry.

Step two:
Decide what you’re going to turn your jar into – a spine-tingling spectre, Frankenstein’s monster, etc.

Step three:
Tear up tissue paper according to your design. While white is ideal for ghostly creations, a mixture of different colors could work well for a mad monster.

Step four:
Cover the jar in Mod Podge glue and stick on the tissue paper. Keep building up the layers until you’re happy – covering each one with a thin layer of glue, then leave to dry.

Step five:
When it’s dry, spread a thin layer of glue around the rim and cover in glitter. Draw your design onto black construction paper and stick to the jar.

Step six:
Leave everything to dry once again before popping a candle inside and enjoying the effects.

Halloween lanterns are great fun to make and look fantastic during the scariest night of the year, so what you waiting for?

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