When We Fear Their Harsh Words

Post by An Bourmanne.

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When We Fear Their Harsh Words

Sometimes we’ve got that great idea.

The story we wanna tell.

The book we wanna write.

The painting class we wanna take.

The career change we wanna make.

The new venture we wanna embark on.

We get all excited.

And then we ditch the idea.

Because they won’t like it.

They won’t approve.

They won’t understand.

They’ll think we’re just wasting our time.

They’ll think we’ve gone crazy.

And so we drop the idea.

And go back to “normal”.

But the thing is that when we venture out

to do our thing in the world,

there will be people that won’t like it.

That won’t approve.

That won’t understand.

That think we’re wasting our time.

That think we’re crazy.

And that’s fine.

Because there will be people

that love what we do.

That get it and relate to it.

That ask for more.

That need what we do.

That need who we are.

So next time you’re on the verge of

dropping your dream and shelving your self,

because of the haters,

take a deep breath and know that

you need to be you

so that others

can love you and what you do.

An Bourmanne loves mentoring people pleasing perfectionists to confidently and unapologetically do their thing in the world and create a sizzling life that makes their heart sing and soul soar. She rediscovered her long-lost love for teaching and writing, which she does weekly at OwnYourLifeCoaching.com She lives in Belgium, fell in love with Iceland and adores the smell of cinnamon. When not sipping from a cup of coffee, she can be found taking pictures or trying to eat sushi with chopsticks (which after all these years of trying could still be labeled as elegantly clumsy).

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