Dear Body

Post by Vivienne McMaster for the Kind Kindred series.

photo by Vivienne

Dear Body

In the magazines on the shelf I’m told that to love you is to work out, to buy products to put on you, to only put certain foods into you.

As I read those messages they feel empty. Sure, those things themselves are great.

But they just add more questions. Am I enough? Did I do enough? What is enough?

Yes, I can do all those things for you, yes indeed, but is that really love?

Do I have to become something other than myself in order to finally find my way to self-love and kindness?

But dear body, its about you and I, here and now. In this body each and every day.

What if loving you doesn’t correlate to any changes you need to make. What if I could just inherently love you?

What if the key was just to treat you with kindness, the way that I would a dear friend or someone I revered?

What if you are already enough and you don’t need to do anything to be worthy of my love?

Because it is true.

You are already enough and you don’t need to change for me to begin to love you.


Vivienne McMaster is a photographer and leader of the Be Your Own Beloved workshops, helping people see themselves with kindness and love through the tool of self-portraiture.


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