Are you freaked out?

Post by Eleanor Justice.

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Are you freaked out?

Hey. Are you freaked out?

Yeah, I don’t blame you. Things are way weird, aren’t they? Like “am I dreaming this?” weird.

Maybe we are dreaming this. Some shamanic traditions say we dream the world into being. It resonates.

Thirteen years ago, when the world at large didn’t go up in smoke but my private world sure as hell did, I found myself in this interesting head space where it was like I was watching my life shatter in slow motion.

The shards of everything still spinning and tumbling end over end so that they could land in a new pattern. My marriage, my home, my career, my future — everything that had been sort of working for years imploded at once. Smithereens.

There was this space — like the space between breaths — and I realized that this was how sweeping positive change entered, if room hadn’t already been made for it. Crashing, elbows out, with little regard for what fragile trinkets it knocked off the shelf on its way through the door.

As I realized that’s what was happening, I dove in, and the pandemonium took on a sacred tone. One that held the promise of imminent treasures. Awkward and uncomfortable, terrifying and thrilling at the same time. Like an overly exuberant mall santa must seem to a two year old. Yes, you want this… probably… but you’re also kind of afraid for your life.

I bring this up because that’s kind of what’s going on with the whole world right now. Thank god!

It’s been such a long time coming and now the shattering is so obvious and the shards so up in the air that it’s no longer possible to ignore.

This is that sacred moment. That space between breaths where we decide how those pieces land, what new form takes shape upon their landing.

What new world we dream into being.

This is the moment to reconsider and possibly recreate everything. Even the transactional nature of business.

This is a bridge time. A transitional time between control and trust. Between the illusion of scarcity and the reality of abundance. This is a time to create entirely new frameworks for how we fulfill our purpose; new structures for sharing our gifts.

You may have heard of gifting, or the phrase gift economy, where something of value is given without an explicit agreement for immediate or future reward. This is the time to weave more of this kind of trust and gratitude into the business world.

The concept may trigger a visceral response; it may be one of fear, or elation. Curiosity or derision.

“That’s not how the world works” some folks may say, and I say: a lot of the world isn’t working at all. A lot of it’s in pieces around our feet and we can put them back together in any shape we choose.

We can choose to create spaces in the structure to nurture kindness, empathy, and trust in ways that haven’t been workable in our crumbling business systems.

Whether it takes the form of a sliding scale, a pay-what-you-can model, a pay-it-forward model, a corporate structure that actually takes into consideration its impact on society and the environment, an occasional scholarship or two, or something completely new — this it the time to demolish the concept of business as usual, and build the concept of business as benevolent.

Things are already weird.
It’s time to make them amazing.


Hello! I am Eleanor Justice. I’m a blueberry farmer and a holographic thinker. I’m working with my partner to save the land we love and caretake in order to transform it into a gift economy farm — a sustainable, pick-your-own food forest infused with art and spirit. If this kind of thing resonates with you, please check out what’s going on at our blog, — I would love to have you join us.

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