Link Love List : 11.16.12

(? Recorded this on my phone while driving this week, one of those poems that flew out with no warning, love those!)
Let go & find your groove, sometimes you just have to do your thing.

Your Right People, call your tribe TO you.

One of the BEST things I’ve ever seen, thank you for this & the above gems Dani!

100 Ways to be Kind to your Child

Danielle never disappoints, excited, sign up, dig it : The Desire Map

Adult Coloring Books, yes please!


You Are Understood

(? Thank you for sharing this with us Jo Anna!)

(? Thank you for sharing this with me Lily!)

39 BS-Free Tips To Change Your Photography Forever – love this!


Free Thanksgiving Printables!

I need more tights in my life, especially these.

DIY Leather Wrap Bracelet Video Tutorial, soooo many great tuts there!

I’ve started telling my daughters I’m beautiful. It’s been so easy to tell them how beautiful THEY are, because it’s obvious. They are the thing beauty is made of. They are…


Do you follow me on Instagram? New web profiles FTW! I share pieces of my day there. ?

Deep Love, Respect & Gratitude,

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