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Hi there, I’m Jane and I live in a small village in the Yorkshire Dales, England with my husband and two Lego maniac boys aged 7 and 9.

Once upon a time, my life was a mess! I had suffered from depression on and off for quite a long time and then found myself home with two small children and not coping very well. I endured life and couldn’t see an end to the greyness of my reality as it was.

Then I got help…

That was my turning point nearly six years ago. Slowly I recovered my body, mind and spirit and began to make friends with the ‘Jane’ I knew was tucked in there all along- she was just waiting to be noticed. I liked her and she healed me…

Now my life is richer, more beautiful and drenched in love like I could never have imagined was possible…. I’ve come home…. to me…. I listened to the whisperings of my heart and dipped my toe in the warm water…

Now having come full circle, I come to you with an open, loving and nurturing heart. I’ve been broken open and I now realise that was the best thing that could have happened. You see, I want to help other women renew their hearts and minds and live a life of gratitude, beauty and grace.

I am an artist who paints from her heart. I paint from a place of love and appreciation for nature in all its guises. I paint from a place of joy and contentment. My paintings often have a storytelling vibe to them.

I also coach women who have a longing or dream but can’t quite ‘get their hands on it’. Maybe it’s just a fuzzy feeling of something missing in your life… I help women learn to listen and act upon their whisperings of the heart in a way that is positive, creative, practical and nurturing.

May your days be filled with love,
Jane xo

Please note:

As a limited offer, I am offering 20% off all my artwork over in my Etsy shop until November 15. Just enter the following coupon code: JANEART20OFF

PS. If you would like to share a ‘Story of Hope’ with the world, please contact me!

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