Live the Dream : A Story

Post by Julie Gibbons for the Kindness in Business series.


Live the Dream : A Story

Hiya. How are you today? Are you sitting comfortably? I’m imagining you there in your place in the world with a hot beverage in hand, perhaps with your feet tucked up underneath. Or you might be at your desk, taking a break from your working day.

Wherever you are, I wondered if you’d like to hear a story?

When Amanda asked for contributions to her Kindness in Business series, I first thought that I might share my story with you in a vlog.

As the deadline for the article approached I had a notion that I really wanted to try and convey my story in a different kind of video. That’s when I hit upon the storybook.

It’s such a powerful medium, the storybook. I was always fascinated by them when I was a girl and I think the fascination is no less now that I’ve reached middle age.

Anyway, here’s a wee story I’d like to share with you in a storybook I’ve made just for you.

It’s called Live the Dream – a wee bit cheesy, you might think. Well, let’s see.

I think of my story and how I could have told it a million different ways. How each golden thread might connect with some other kindred I’ve yet to meet.

The truth is, so much has changed and shifted these last couple of years, that I could pull a hundred different messages to convey to you.

But here today, I would like to say this:

1. If you are still searching for your thing, your passion, your dharma (your life purpose) – hold true and fast. Don’t let shoulds and musts overshadow the process. Of course you need to remain accountable to those you are responsible for, but you must always never lose sight of accountability towards yourself.

2. You have all the answers you need already inside you. Don’t be shy of finding help to discover them, but first you must learn to trust yourself. Listen to your body. Decipher your dreams. Give your inner critic and your voice of reason some time off.

3. Understanding who you are beneath the layers of protection, bravado and obligation you have built up over a lifetime can take what seems to be too much time and effort. Give yourself the gift of understanding however long it takes – it is the first but necessary step on your road to fulfillment.

I wish you the most illuminating ride. Let’s hope we meet on the way!

| journal therapy | mixed media art | courses & workshops | Julie Gibbons is a mixed media journal artist living in central Scotland. Upon turning aged 40 she quit her job in marketing to spend two years in full time research discovering who she really was and what she wanted to do with her life. Ever since, she’s been sharing her creative strategies to help others connect with their true self and discover their dharma (life purpose.) Connect with Julie online : Blog & Website | Facebook Page | Etsy Shop


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