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Firstly, I want to thank Danielle Nelson, Linsey Schiavi, Melissa Hayden Trader for providing a few of the sentiments on the cards. I made a callout on Facebook yesterday & all the responses were awesome! Thank you gals!

So, yes, I made some cards! You can print them on text, cardstock or adhesive paper &… *clears throat* because I would never tell you to just print out the cards & go out & deface a Stop Sign (that’s illegal!) I made a printable a Stop Sign that you can hang with the cards! Anywhere.

Keeping with the theme of the post, stop trying to be perfect… my printer, Joel shoved cereal down in it months ago & it stopped working properly, plus it’s almost out of ink BUT I printed it out anyway, because, you know, that’s just what’s true:

Creating this sign got me thinking about changing our habits.

What do you want to stop doing? What would you like others to stop doing?

You can only change your behaviors, but you may want to ask yourself why another’s behavior is making you feel negatively. You can begin the process of changing the way you feel & react to those behaviors.

Recognizing what the behavior is the first step.

Be hyper-aware of everything you do. You can do this for a day, a week, a month. Your routines, especially the ones you are on autopilot for. How do you put on a shirt? Do you start with your head or your arms? What if you decided to do the opposite for a week? Two weeks? A month? Could you change your habit? Yes. Over time, you could. Silly example but putting your arms in first may feel a helluva lot better then putting your head in first. You won’t know until you try, right? The same goes for your thoughts.

If you want to stop something internal… Becoming of aware of your triggers is a good start. If you feel this feeling start to arise, feel it the first few times. Honor it. Truly honoring our feelings is the one of the first steps to changing them.

I’m only assuming & speaking from personal experience here but I have a suspicion that you & this feeling or behavior are old friends. A friend that has long been in your life but treats you & makes you feel like shit? Yeah. That one. The best thing to do in this situation is to love it first. Love your friend, love that feeling & with grace, begin to let it go.

Change the habit. Maybe you are a chronic & audible complainer. We know that this is common problem, just hop on your facebook feed. Again, start by noticing when your ego begins to take over, notice those negative thoughts, remembering that you are not those thoughts. Embrace them. Be an observer of them. As soon as you begin to identify with them as being something separate from you, not you, you can…

Take responsibility for them – & then, you can totally reframe the situation by asking yourself:

What am I grateful for? Right now, what am I grateful for?

Taking responsibility for the good in your life too AND instead of, can continue the process of the change you are trying to make.

Taking responsibility for the way you live, being awake to that is, well, it’s a mammoth responsibility. Are you up for it?

This is the path of Deliberate Living. Being awake. Living on Purpose.

You are in charge of your own life. You hold all the power. How will you choose to spend this precious life?

What do you want to stop?

I wrote about complaining for a reason, it’s a personal challenge of mine. I’ve gotten better over the last year or so, of noticing it & stopping it but I’m not successful all the time. So, let me begin:

I want to stop complaining.

I ordered a package of Complaint Free World Bracelets. His idea is pretty simple, wear the rubber bracelet on either wrist & when you catch yourself complaining, switch the bracelet to the other wrist. It takes 20-30 days to change a behavior. I’m so ready. When I feel a complaint coming on, I will switch the bracelet to the other wrist & think of something I’m grateful for.

I’d love for you to finish this statement in the comments:

I want to stop…

Take responsibility for what you want to stop, acknowledge it, own it, don’t be ashamed of it…

…then & only then can you begin the process of changing it.

Deep Respect, Love & Gratitude,

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