Friday’s Lovelies : 2.10.12

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Bella used a few of my tear off posters as an example for her Weekend Photo Challenge : The Love Note! If you haven’t already, check out 52 Photo Project, it’s a non-exclusive community for photographers & bloggers to display their work & a place to meet people with a shared passion for photography. Every Sunday a new prompt is unveiled! Deb used them for the challenge & (love)bombed her local library & health plex : see here! You gals are awesome, thank you for makin’ this gal beam!

Embracing The Thing That Makes Me Gasp : It’s us. The bloggers. The stubborn ones who insist we can write and make and work from our living rooms. We are the leaders of the next giant social movement. And unlike our predecessors, we’re not limited by space and time. The people in our tribes can follow us from anywhere in the world. I get to share the stories – mine and yours – of radical Shalom. I get to proclaim that we can change the world – and then watch people actually do it! : THIS. Brandy, you rock.

Creating Space for Overwhelm, this video, I can relate so, so much to this, Liz speaks to my heart. And she shared an amazing post on Roots of She this week too: You Got This : I frackin’ LOVE yoooou Liz!

18 Free Printable Valentine’s Cards : Shut up & Kiss me!

Two incredible posts by Daniel this week : Where True Love Begins & We Can Agree

56 Acts of Self-Care by Jo Anna! I am soooo going to use this as inspiration for the Self-Care section in my SMASH JOURNAL!

Dyamond’s Malas are soooo gorgeous!

I released a book of poetry last week : Cohabitation : Amanda wrote a really sweet review of it, thank you so much love!

The Art of Earning LIVE : You’re virtually invited to the business building party of the year!

I heart Carbon Crusader’s Pencils!

I Ellen!

Transparent paper + heart shaped confetti equals a super-cute valentine!

Two more cute & crafty valentines from The Craft’s Dept : Accordion Fold Rebus Valentine & Love Struck Pencils!

Have a blissed-out & love-filled weekend, see you Monday!


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