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I am SO IN LOVE with this app!

I’ve been looking for the perfect journal app for awhile now. Mainly, I wanted to use it as a daily Gratitude journal. I’ve tried out a few Gratitude journal apps but aesthetic + functionality + customizability are very important to me. If I’m using something everyday I want it to be pretty, I want it to work well & I want to be able to change it up depending on my mood.

I love that you can choose from a TON of fonts (typography nerd here!), change up the color of your cover & paper. My favorite feature though is that you can use a photo as a watermark for each day, meaning the photo becomes your paper for that day.

You can back the journal up so you don’t lose it via Dropbox, export it into a PDF, which I plan to do every month — there are sharing options through Facebook & email, protect it with a passcode, automatic saving after ever keystroke, it’s searchable, the list goes on! Can you tell that I’m excited & in love?

Practicing Gratitude in this way is so powerful. I’m talking a little about it over at Roots of She this morning & sharing a sweet printable Gratitude Mini-Banner!

Click here to hop on over & say hi — & to download the printable!

What are some of your daily Gratitude practices?


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