Unleashed : poetry by Julia Fehrenbacher

Poetry by Julia Fehrenbacher of Painted Path.


What is this?

This thirst
this hunger
this feeling that tugs
and pulses and
every blink

every breath

This feeling of wanting
to stand at the highest
of high places—
limbs stretched out, like branches
or wings

and bow
with the whole
of my weeping

to my singing
feathered friends
to roots and buds and blossoms
to puddles and oceans and
awakened little streams
to the lily
that almost blooms
but not quite
to the just-born lamb
that hasn’t yet
found the ground

And to you, dear heart—
with all of your bruises
and scars and open wounds
with all of your courage
and hesitation and astonishing

I want to pour
out my
as if
depends on it

I’m really quite certain

During the small windows of time when her two little girls are occupied elsewhere, Julia paints and writes and contemplates the deep questions of life. More than anything she wants to sprinkle some good around in this world and is always looking for ways to do more of that. If you’d like to join her on this path of shedding & opening and living from a place of truth and authenticity, please visit her at paintedpath.org, she’d so love to have you there.

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