Friday’s Lovelies : 6.3.11

3 awesome desktop backgrounds including the one above :: Unity Typography Desktop :: Get Organized Desktop :: Lisa Rupp’s June Desktop

Build Something You’re Proud Of : THIS! This times a zillion & 1.

Vulnerability is ___________. : Sometimes the toughest part of embracing vulnerability is recognizing vulnerability.

^click it^
my new mantra: so what??? : I’ve got dimples on my thighs. So what? I don’t think my house will ever be completely clean all at the same time. So what? I tripped over my own feet in front of co-workers. So what?

Can’t remember who shared this on Twitter yesterday but Thank you!!
At all costs, hit publish : I can see–really only in hindsight–how what saved me was learning how to make my work my focus, not how many retweets I had.

Intrigued with #twitterart! :: tw1tt3rart does some really sweet work:

Hey You! What Song are you Listening to? : love this video, found via @photobird

How To Start A Simple Exercise Routine

Again, I adore Bernardo’s videos at Your Great Life TV : Refuel Your Soul in 5 Minutes a Day.™ : visit him!

This poem : Dear You

Oh man I love these mugs!

Handmade Gift Exchange! Get the details!
Vote for 365 Grateful to get the needed funding for their film! One click vote! Super easy, super project!

The Sex, Love & Liberation Manifesto; a Sneak Peek. : I can’t wait for this.

by Jen Lewis

Happy Weekend! See you Monday!

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