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SLProject : Week Three, originally uploaded by prettyfnmess.

I am so excited about this! I recently came across the Texture Tuesday Challenge by the very talented Kim Klassen & was completely smitten by InLinkz— & super-inspired to start a photo/art sharing feature here on KOM! Thank you for the inspiration & turn on, Kim!

I wanted to start this feature not only to see & help YOU share YOUR photos, art & blog posts but also to gently nudge myself to take more creative photos & share them here on KOM. Photography is a huge passion of mine, while I’m certainly not a skilled photographer, I enjoy the process of taking & then editing them, it’s very therapeutic for me. So…

We’re gonna try this new feature : Kind Collective : out for a bit & see how it goes, if the response is good, it will be a permanent weekly fixture here on KOM, featuring all YOUR goodness!

Every Thursday there will be a new theme posted & below, this awesome little program called InLinkz will turn your permalinks into thumbnails! So cool!

You can share a link with an image related to the theme from your blog, flickr, an instagram link, tumblr, even an etsy listing – it can be your art or a photograph, new or old, just as long as it’s your work & related to the theme.

This week’s theme is : Mama Love!

Next week’s theme (starting Thursday, May 12th) will be : Looking Up

You can share a link that has a photo of you & your mom, just your mom, a photo or piece of original art that reminds you or was inspired by your mama. Maybe you have a blog post or flickr photo from last year’s Mother’s Day celebration with an image you’d like to share below, really, just show some Mama Love!

I chose the photo above because not only do I love my mama, she’s my best friend, but she also made this little wire sculpture for me & I adore it. She made a few of them for me & they sit on one of my kitchen window sills, every time I see them I smile & think of her.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom, I Love You BIG!

Remember to come back next Thursday to see what the new theme is! We are going to being play with color, certain subjects & objects, emotions, just a wide range of themes to get your creative juices flowing & you SHARING – so fun!

If you need a reminder or want to invite your friends, here is a button to put on your blog:

Copy & Paste:

Hop around & visit the other lovelies’ links too, keep in mind that the first people to share their links will get the most visitors, I shared my flickr link just to give you an example of how it works!

One submission per person, following the theme, please! Thank you!

Sending you love & I can’t wait to see what you have to share!

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