Spin Your Story : I Thought I Wasn’t Beautiful

Guest post by Goddess Leonie Allan.

I Thought I Wasn’t Beautiful

Once upon a time, I thought I wasn’t beautiful.

I thought I wasn’t the kind that men found attractive.

I thought that all that could be seen was the fumbling, blushing, uncoordinated, dishevelled outside.

I thought they didn’t see the exquisite wonders inside me.

I was always The Friend. The one that boys would come to to ask about my friend. To ask me how to be with them.

I wondered what was wrong with me.

I thought it was some kind of genetic affliction.

I was invisible.

And I thought it was a curse.

I didn’t know right then, right there, that it was a blessing.

I was right:

I was invisible.

But only to the ones who couldn’t see.

I wish I could go back.

I wish I could tell her:

Beautiful heart,

you are exquisite

just the way you are.

Worry not about the boys – they truly are boys.

One day, a man will arrive.

And he will see through your cloak

and his eyes will light up

with joy.

He will see the wonders inside you.

You will be his own personal haven,

and he will be your sanctuary.

And all will be right with the world.

The boys who can’t see you?

It’s a blessing, my love.

You don’t have to say no to them.

You can carry on, dancing your own special dance.

And when time, sweet time, comes to light upon your shoulder

and unveil for you the one

who sees your dance

and wants to dance it with you –

well, it will be all worthwhile.

Don’t lose hope, dearest one.

All the beauty inside you

and all the beauty outside you

is glowing

for all of us to see.


Goddess Leonie is the creator of GoddessGuidebook.com, a popular creativity + spirituality blog for women.

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