Friday’s Lovelies : 3.4.11

Andrea + her art + stop motion = my heart going pitter-pat! The video above is for her Creative Dream Incubator course, which you should definitely check out!

Labeling People found via Andrea Owen. I can relate to this so much, I hardly ever notice things like this, never have, to the point where the people closest to me have said on numerous occasions, I can’t believe you didn’t see that! Nope, didn’t.

ENOUGH ALREADY! Take hold of your power & choose to live the life you deserve — what an amazing piece of writing & message!

How to be a Morning Goddess : Leonie asked 20 Goddesses this : How do you start your morning? – she compiled the inspiring answers in this Free eBook!

Miss Representation – a documentary film – pledge to represent the change you want to see for women & girls.

This interview between Bindu & Dyana is so damn juicy! LOVE! Thank you for being you.

Alexandra, Bridget & Marie are doing great, great things, help them help the Red Cross & they will send you free goodies! It’s a win-win for everyone involved! In the words of Alexandra, who started it all, You give. I gift. We rule. If you have some digital awesomeness to give, you could join in!

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