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We are soooooo excited to share this post with you today, if you follow any of us on twitter we’ve been alluding to this post, having a bit of fun drumming it up along the way. We’ve teamed up with three creative, inspiring, super-beautiful bloggers to create this week’s download for you. We asked these three ladies because we knew they’d bring the absolute best to the table & boy did they! We knew they & their readers would appreciate this just as much as we & you will! What we have for you today is a little project we feel would make a sweet-sweet gift for yourself or for someone that you love. We had an amazing time making & planning it! This is a big-huge Thank You from Us to You, your comments & blogs make our days just a little more lovelier.
Thanks for being here, we love you!

Between the four blogs we made a pack of 36 affirmations for you to download & print onto 8.5 x 11 cardstock, along with a super sweet box for you to store them in! You can download the ones Jenn (the bestest blog partner, friend & person in the whole world!) wrote for you right here…

Affirmations by Jenn Gibson 1/4 – PDF

Now, take a journey through these 3 elegant & uplifting blogs to get the other 27 by following the Affirmations links below!

Rachelle Mee-Chapman — Magpie Girl
One word I think of when it comes to Rachelle is Soul. In January 2008, Rachelle & her family moved from the US to Denmark, physically leaving friends & loved ones, but still keeping them close to her by gathering them into her soultribe. She is constantly sharing with us ways to take care of & with our soul — by starting the Do Less Revolution & helping us to create our own soultribe. Her affirmations delve into harboring Peace & nurturing both your Self & those around you…

Visit Rachelle’s blog to download her Affirmations PDF:
Affirmations by Rachelle Mee-Chapman 2/4

Brandi Reynolds — joy rebel
If Rachelle’s building a tribe, then Brandi’s building an army — a joy rebel army. The duties of the army? To employ your own unique brand of joy. What could be more fun & exciting than discovering all of the joy that lives within you & then share-spread-unleash it on the world? Brandi’s affirmations focus on joy & connecting with yourself & the world around you. Simple, peaceful & brave…

Visit Brandi’s blog to download her Affirmations PDF:
Affirmations by Brandi Reynolds 3/4

Jamie Ridler — Jamie Ridler Studios
Jamie’s on a quest, I feel, to empower each person with the knowledge that they are strong & can do anything, everything. She touches lives, brings something positive & beautiful to each person she connects with & offers so many different ways to explore our creativity & hopes & dreams. Jamie’s affirmations give gentle reminders to revel in who we are, to fully Live each moment…

Visit Jamie’s blog to download her Affirmations PDF:
Affirmations by Jamie Ridler 4/4

Scallop Box Tutorial

This lovely little Scallop Box design was made by Ruthann Zaroff of Mirkwood Designs, I just resized it to fit our cards & made it into a printable PDF. I also made a little tutorial showing you how to cover it with text paper with the matching PDF patterns that I provided below.

Scallop Box – PDF

What you need:

PDF files
Color Printer
2 pieces of 8.5 x 11 cardstock
1-2 pieces of text paper
Gluestick or spray adhesive


1. Print out two Scallop Box PDFs onto cardstock & cut them out, print one or two of the pattern/solid PDFs (below) onto text paper
2. Make your folds on all the dotted lines, cover the top with glue
3. Place the glued side of your box on the back side of your printed pattern/solid, smooth it out so there are no bubbles
4. Cut the excess patterned text paper from around your cardstock box half
5 – 6. As shown, glue all your tabs & adhere them to the box
7. As an alternative you can print the Scallop Box onto colored cardstock & cover it with the patterned PDFs below so your box is colored on the inside or you can just leave it be as I did for the bottom half of my box
8. Fold the dotted lines & glue
9. So, so pretty!

The incredible patterns that I used for both the Affirmation Cards & the patterns for the box below were made by mae-b on deviant art, I just love them so-so much!

Choose whichever pattern or solid you’d like below & print them onto 8.5 x 11 text paper to cover your boxes!

1. Pattern 1 – PDF
2. Pattern 2 – PDF
3. Pattern 3 – PDF
4. Pattern 4 – PDF
5. Solid 1 – PDF
6. Solid 2 – PDF

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