Kind Over Matter Garden Cards

Kind Over Matter Garden Cards

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Sarah from Handmade Homeschool has been making card drops! She kindly e-mailed me last week & handed me the grandest idea! She said she often passes gardens while she jogs & wants to let the gardeners know how much she enjoys their work but they’re never in their yard, so… these cards were born! Thank you so much Sarah for the idea & for spreading the love! I hope you enjoy these!

One of the older ladies that lives in our little apartment building has a cute flower bed, which is where I left the card below this morning! She also tends to the many potted flowers that adorn our porch, she teams up with another lady & every summer they make our deck soooooo beautiful! Since I have a non-green thumb I enjoy what they do so much. (I’m pretty certain she already discovered the card while I was typing up this post!)

Kind Over Matter Garden Cards

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