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I was inspired by MooMama’s blog yesterday & also a comment made by Samantha, one of our readers.

I am a nursing mother. We are an eco-friendly family, we cloth diaper, the works, so I wanted to combine these two truths for our next download somehow!

I don’t know how many times I’ve nursed my baby in the back seat of our car, granted, it is roomy back there but you get the picture. I guess I have no good excuse why I didn’t nurse much in public, maybe I didn’t want to ever put myself & my baby in the position to be confronted or gawked at. I live in a small town, breastfeeding is so far from the norm it’s scary, plus I am a pretty modest person in general, so the combination of those two factors equals very little nursing while out & about. I am still nursing my 18 month old & I’m very proud of that, as they get older though the stares become more judgmental & you sometimes question yourself, it’s really a sad scenario. I wish that we could freely feed our babies no matter their age or where our bodies are positioned on this earth. We have family across state so we have taken many trips to visit them. I nursed my little outside at a rest area under a few willow trees, it was truly beautiful. I saw another mama nursing her baby there. I always wanted to acknowledge nursing mamas with something more than a knowing nod & smile, without interrupting them of course, because you never can tell if their baby is easily distracted (like mine!)

I made these cards so you could quietly pass through & place one next to where they are seated, to let them know that you think they are wonderful. I’ve seen cards similar to these around, I really just wanted to make my own set to share because I think they are a lovely gesture. If you have friends that nurse, pass them along, if you are attending a baby shower where you know the mama will be nursing, print a few pages up & tie a thin ribbon around them to add to your gift.

You can make & then print these or any of our Kind Over Matter Cards on Seed Paper!
Thanks to Samantha for the idea!

How to Make Seed Embedded Plantable Paper
Some of Etsy’s Plantable Paper Artists!

Thanks for listening to my story 🙂

Have a safe & wonderful holiday weekend, we are traveling, peace to you.

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