Welcome Babies!

This project is in it’s infancy, but we’d like to share with you our first download.


Download: Kind Over Matter Cards

There are so many things you can do with these:

leave them for strangers to find, in newspaper boxes, mail boxes, on the street, on diner tables with your tip, in a library book, hang them in the break room at work, grocery store bulletin boards, use them for scrapbooking, bookmarks, anything your heart desires!

If you leave them for a stranger to find, for crafting, snap a photo, add it to our flickr pool, we may feature them & you here!

Kindness doesn’t start or stop at these cards. If you have a photo, a piece of art, a crafty project that promotes kindness, peacefulness, balance, please add it to our flickr pool!

You can always e-mail us your photos or links if you aren’t a member of flickr!

Please visit the places on our blogroll, they have inspired us so much.

Amanda & Jenn

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