20 Ways to Spread Holiday Kindness in 2020

It’s officially the Winter Holiday Season on my side of the planet, and in typical 2020 fashion, this year’s holiday season looks different. Most of us are making major modifications to our usual holiday plans to keep our loved ones safe. That’s a big adjustment…and there are still tons of ways to bring kindness into this season. As a bonus, spreading kindness is always a great way to lift your own spirits! I’ve been stepping up my own kindness spreading efforts lately and am sharing this list so you can easily do the same!

  1. Adopt a Family
  2. Toys for Tots
  3. Follow Black Fairy Godmother (Facebook & Instagram) for daily ways to help.
  4. Donate money or food to Local Food Banks.
  5. Shop Local Businesses in your area – most of them have pivoted to selling online at this point, either on their website or social media channel – or shop safely masked in person!
  6. Support independent makers by shopping on Etsy.
  7. Buy from Online Businesses with a giving mission. (Tom’sBombasThrive Causemetics, Purpose Jewelry, etc.)
  8. Provide mental health services for communities of color through the Loveland Foundation.
  9. Move your body for a good cause through Nationwide Run & their Feeding America partnership.
  10. Support the charity of your choice by switching your regular Amazon to Amazon Smile.
  11. Give experiences instead of things – tap into your creativity! What experience can you create even though we’re not traveling right now?
  12. Have food delivered to local hospital workers.
  13. Coordinate a card-sending campaign to a local nursing home.
  14. Treat your mail carrier, trash collectors and other often forgotten folks with a card, a gift card or other holiday treat.
  15. Be an Elf – write letters from “Santa” and help give gifts to kids in need.
  16. Crochet or knit blankets for tiny NICU babies.
  17. Find your local community Facebook groups or Patch sites and fulfill the needs of folks in your community directly.
  18. Most grocery stores have an opportunity to donate every time you food shop – if you don’t see one, ask  your cashier!
  19. Donate blood (I’ve done it during the pandemic and it was a totally safe experience) or support the Red Cross financially.
  20. Give the gift of time. Professionally, give your team some “free” time off. Personally, is there something you can take off someone else’s plate? Check in with local friends & neighbors before you go to a store and offer to run an errand for them.

This list will get you started and I’d love to hear what you’d add to the list! Drop us a note or comment here with other great ways you’re spreading kindness this holiday season.

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