1 Simple Step to Achieve Your Weight Loss (& Life) Goals

Prioritize that bad boy!!

Seriously, it is really that easy. The key to achieving all of the goals you set and creating that awesome life you desire is to make it a priority. We put all of our time and energy into the things we think are important. So, if you aren’t achieving your goals and your life is seemingly shitty then you are not making what you desire a priority. You are putting your time and energy into other things you don’t enjoy, but think you “should” be doing (like shuffling your kids around to different parties and events just because they were invited or attending a non-mandatory work training because you feel pressured to go). I’m sure you have some really legit excuses to go along with why you aren’t making your goals a priority and they probably feel like huge obstacles. However, when we really want something badly enough we find a way to make it happen.

You are unconsciously choosing your priorities and when you think about it…that kind of sucks.  Wouldn’t it be much more exciting to make a conscious decision in what you prioritize each day instead of letting other people and situations dictate where your time and energy go? Most of us shuffle through life saying we don’t have the time, energy or money to achieve our goals; but I am telling you that you actually do. It comes down to conscious prioritization of your life. This means actively choosing what is important to you. Take charge of your life and become a conscious creator of what you want for yourself.

Start making your priorities more conscious by actively choosing what you want to focus on each day. Not sure how to do this? I’ve got you covered.

Take a look at your life and write down all the things you do on a daily and weekly basis. These things, whether actively chosen by you or not, are where your priorities currently are. If these items do not match with your desired life and goals, then look at each one and determine if you can eliminate it. Yes, this may mean upsetting other people, but hopefully they will eventually understand. If they don’t, then they never cared about you or what is best for you and you don’t need that negativity.

For example: If losing 20 pounds is a goal for you then make that your number one priority. Fit in everything else around this goal. Side note: If you have multiple goals you will need to prioritize those as well. You can work on more than one at a time but you need to decide which matters most at this moment. That way you can expend the most time and energy on that particular goal. If you spread yourself too thin you will never achieve any of your goals AND you will burn out. How can you make losing weight a priority especially when you are a busy working human?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Plan out your lunches for the week and bring all that you need with you to work on Monday.
  • Wake up early in order to fit in a workout or plan your gym time at the beginning of each week. If you know you know you will have one day filled with meetings and taking your child to after school activities, use that day as a rest day. Do a quick HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) routine in order to maximize your gym session.
  • Always keep healthy snacks nearby in case you get caught up in meetings or work tasks and don’t have time to eat like you planned.

Once you start making an active choice about what you prioritize each day you will be crossing off those goals on your list in no time.

Christina is a Binge Eating & Happiness coach for women who want to conquer binge eating for good so they can create sustainable weight loss & finally have the freedom to pursue the life they know they deserve. She teaches people how to create happy and healthy lives. Connect with her on Facebook.

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